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What happens to confidential waste at Simply Shredding Hull ?

What happens to confidential waste at Simply Shredding Hull ?

When you have confidential paperwork collected for destruction or when you drop it into our office we are often asked what then happens to the documentation ?

It is important to note here that 100% of all paperwork received into Simply Shredding Hull is recycled so that it can be reused again. 

We drop everything into a hopper which feeds a conveyor belt. This take all confidential documents upwards and deposits it into the cutters of our shredding machine. Gravity then feeds the shredded paper into our baling machine which in turn produces a half ton mill size bale.

On a bi-monthly basis the bales are collected and are taken to a paper mill. Typically recycled paper is turned back into items such as toilet tissue.

This is a very eco friendly way of disposing of any confidential destruction and is an ideal solution if you live in East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire

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