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Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

There was a time when you could get a cardboard box from almost anywhere if you needed one to do some packing in the office, the attic or to move home. But nowadays it's a very different story as the recycling of cardboard has become part of daily life, especially for most companies.

What Is Cardboard?

There is sometimes some confusion as to what actually constitutes cardboard. This is because cardboard is purely a word we use to describe different strengths of heavy duty paper. Single or simple card can generally be classed as paper and can be recycled in this way. Cardboard recycling is normally associated with corrugation or layers of card. Any box that has any form of corrugated edge is ideal and this can be recycled but please ensure that is does not contain any plastic or polystyrene packaging. If you have boxes and they can be flat packed this is ideal.

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The space required and equipment needed to bale cardboard is not available at all our Simply Shredding depots so please check with your nearest office to see if they can handle this for you before you take it in. Alternatively contact giving your post code and you will be contacted by return.