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Common Shredding Questions

Common Questions

We have tried to detail below some of the more commonly asked questions about shredding. If you have a question that you is not answered below or elsewhere on this site then please send your query on an email to

What happens to the shredded paper?

All paperwork that is shredded is bailed and then taken away to be recycled and turned back into a new piece of paper.

I already have things in my own bags, is this ok?

You can use whatever you want to hold the items to be shredded, although the stronger the better so be careful not to overfill black plastic bin liners. We will be happy to collect documentation in bags, crates, sacks or boxes and they do not need to have been supplied by us. Of course if you don't have anything then we will be happy to supply shredding bags for you.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes all of our offices take credit card payments and in most instances these can be taken over the phone.

Will I be provided with some sort of receipt?

Following the destruction of all shredding a certificate of destruction is issued which in effect is a receipt to show exactly what has been securely disposed of and also on what date. This can be emailed directly to you once the shredding has been completed.

Do you supply bags that we can take away to fill?

Yes we can supply any quantity of bags from 1 to as many as you need. These can be collected from our offices or mailed out to you if transport is an issue.

How confidential is your service?

You can be assured that once we take possession of your paperwork it will be kept secure, and subsequently shredded confidentially as speedily as possible.