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Are You Meeting GDPR ?

Are You Meeting GDPR ?

GDPR is now well and truly amongst us and in business you come across it on a daily basis when you enter a large building or request information about a client or complete documentation. Clearly many companies are embracing GDPR but equally there are still many that have not even scratched the surface with it.

Simply Shredding are able to assist you in the following ways

  • Secure document destruction of all your old paperwork. You are not allowed to retain years and years of records without good reason so take steps now to remove and securely destroy it.
  • IT Destruction. If you have old laptops, computers, servers or mobile phones in your office again take steps to have them removed by Simply Shredding.
  • Document storage of your files and records

By completing any of the steps outlined above this will assist meet with some of your GDPR responsibilities

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